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What is Personal Protective Equipment and why do we need it?

August 11, 2020

What is Personal Protective Equipment and why do we need it?

As we all band together in our communities, with our families, and even in our workplaces to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all getting a new education in best practices. We’ve learned the “three W’s” of washing hands, wearing a mask, watching our distances.

There’s also been lots of conversation about PPE—a term that previously might have been unfamiliar to many people outside of the medical field or other specialized workplaces. Now, most people are getting familiar with PPE—otherwise known as personal protective equipment.

What is PPE?

In the broadest sense of the term, PPE is any gear, equipment, specialized clothing, or related items that provide a person increased safety from a particular type of injury. In the age of coronavirus, PPE often refers to face masks, face shields; gear that can range from simple disposable vinyl gloves to more sophisticated items like UV Light Sanitizing Wands.

As places of business begin reopening or welcoming workers and customers back into storefronts, the question of appropriate PPE naturally arises. Most PPE that the average person will use during the pandemic serves to be a basic barrier. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronavirus primarily spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets. This is why the CDC is recommending face masks, stating that a basic barrier like a face mask can stop droplets leaving wearers mouths and noses.

“But I’m not sick.”

The CDC also says that recent studies show a significant portion of people currently infected with coronavirus are either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, meaning they are not presenting as ill even while having active COVID-19 infection. Using barrier methods like PPE under these circumstances are especially helpful in reducing spread. Another way to look at wearing PPE even if a person has no symptoms or signs of being ill is that if we wait until symptoms are present to wear PPE, it’s probably too late. An asymptomatic person without a mask or other barrier method could potentially shed the virus to untold numbers of people.

One of the key terms in PPE is personal. As the goal of PPE is to reduce virus spread, it’s important for each person to have their own supplies of PPE without sharing. Some circumstances will make disposable PPE more appropriate; other times, maintaining masks that can be reused—by one person—many times is perfectly satisfactory. Business owners and managers can make bulk purchases of PPE including masks and gloves giving employees the right tools for the job of being safer in the workplace.

What kind of PPE is available?

Every person and every business has individual needs when it comes to PPE. There are a variety of items designed and crafted to fit the requirements or circumstances of people and workplaces. Each item can improve the confidence of the wearer and contribute to the spread reduction we’re all aiming for. Gloves, face masks, face shields, shoe covers, and UV light wands are some of items that can be found in the Summerbrite collection.

KN95 face masks are thicker, made with non-woven material. KN95 is designed to filter out 95% particle filtration efficiency against all particles that are greater than 0.3 pm in diameter. Available in a pack of 10 or pack of 100.
3-ply disposable masks are made for comfort with ear loops and lightweight non-woven material. Perfect for children or adults. Great protection from allergens.
Disposable face shields are perfect for folks who wear glasses. Full face covering from curved plastic. Eyes, nose, mouth—everything covered with one lightweight piece.

We’ve got your hands covered with our reusable textured gloves. Flock lining make wearing these gloves comfortable as you take care of all your tasks. Unlike the big box stores, we’re fully stocked of these handy, ready to help gloves.

Powder free vinyl disposal gloves are perfect for quick use situations. Comes in a variety of sizes and in a box of 100.

Polyethylene shoe covers slip on easily and can provide a barrier that resists water-based liquids. Seamless. Textured material to avoid slipping. Value product, 1000 pieces per box.

Sanitize in a flash with a UV Light Sanitizer Wand. Portable and versatile, use the UV wand to run over hard to clean spots like textured doors, keyboards, cars, and more.

Mask up!

Exercise your choice to have PPE that’s right for you. Our team can help you pick PPE that’s right for you and the ones you care for, in the quantities and at the price you need. We know that the global pandemic has impacted us all. Now as we go forward, the right PPE can help gain confidence as we help others, allowing everyone to get back to business in the best way we can.


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